Classic Boat Connection Art Prints

Classic Boat Connection carries a variety of art prints that make great gifts [for others or your self!] As with all our items, these prints can be shipped directly to a third party for a Holiday or Birthday Present that your loved one will never forget.

These limited edition lithograph’s from the artist Darrell Bush are striking reminders of years gone by when classic wooden boats graced nearly every lake.

“Twilight's calm ” [15 1/4 x 29 ”]

TWILIGHT “Twilight's Calm ” lithograph on paper $150

“In the Wake of a Legend” [15 3/8 x 30”]

WAKE“In the Wake of a Legend” lithograph/paper {also available with a Canadian flag on the boats}$150

“Legends at Bay” [17 1/2 x 26 1/2”]

BAY “Legends at Bay” lithograph on paper $150

1929 38’ Custom Commuter Print

A limited edition Chris Craft "official licensed product." This full 4-color lithographic print of a 1929 38’ Custom Commuter numbered and signed by artist Phil Pokorny is printed on high quality archival 100 lb. cover stock. The Queen of the 1929 fleet, the 38'-Commuting Cruiser was Chris-Craft's first standardized cruiser, a boat type the company would soon become known for. The beautiful mahogany boat featured an open front cockpit, elegant commanding bridge and open rear cockpit. The luxurious cabin included sleeping accommodations for four, a galley and a private lavatory. The boat represented Chris-Craft's crowning achievement for the decade of the roaring twenties.
CCCCPRINT Signed/numbered 18.9” x 26.3” 1929 38’ Custom Commuter print $50

1940 Chris-Craft "Red & White" Express Cruiser

"Industrial design, in particular transportation, was undergoing unprecedented change and "modernization" during the early part of the 20th Century. The ideal for the future was showcased at the very popular New York World's Fair of 1939.
Chris-Craft responded with a design for its own "Boat of Tomorrow" -- the 25' Express Cruiser which was first featured in the 1940 product line. Numerous "moderne" design influences can be seen in the striking red and white boat -- the World's Fair trademark Trilon building reflected in the burgee flagstaff, the tear drop deck horn enclosure, and the elliptical sides of the v-shaped windshield frame all giving hints of the future. The fascination with circle geometry and streamlined design were even continued into a striking art deco version of the Chris-Craft logo itself.

CCRWPRINT Signed/numbered 24" wide x 21" high Chris Craft 1940 Red and White Express Cruiser print $50